WWII in real time

US Admiral Halsey, in Pearl Harbor: "Before we're through with them, the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell." https://t.co/EgjfeCuxDT RealTimeWWII photo

US Navy is dredging debris from Pearl Harbor- including Japanese pilot whose plane fell, burning, into water. [Graphic image]: https://t.co/zBD46udOEL RealTimeWWII photo

A US citizen of Japanese descent wants to show where he stands in the newly declared war against Japan: https://t.co/Pzq9F8Rmo7 RealTimeWWII photo

Canada has declared war on Japan; 1400 Japanese fishing & merchant boats interned, Japanese-language schools & newspapers offices are being closed by police.

Manila unprepared for bombing; civilians caught in parks "take shelter" around acacia trees, some ladies are opening parasols to huddle under.

Japanese bombers have hit American bases at the Philippines, catching Far East Air Force on ground, despite warnings: over ½ US planes destroyed. https://t.co/DOcpODpjmC

Rankin- the first woman ever elected to Congress- was followed out of the Capitol chamber by a mob angry at her anti-war vote; she's had to take shelter in a phone booth to call police. https://t.co/jQ3lgoQrmT RealTimeWWII photo

Following President's request, US Congress has voted for war with Japan, by 470-1. Only Senator or Congressman to vote against war is pacifist Jeanette Rankin: "As a woman I can't go to war, & I refuse to send anyone else."

"I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked & dastardly attack by Japan... a state of war has existed between the United States & the Japanese Empire." Watch speech now: https://t.co/0v9SypXntp

President Roosevelt now addressing US Congress: "Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly & deliberately attacked by naval & air forces of the Empire of Japan." https://t.co/ihVmlJHk6b RealTimeWWII photo

President Roosevelt is driving to US Capitol for declaration of war on Japan, in the only armoured car available to Secret Service: the bulletproof limo confiscated from Al Capone.

Britain's Far East empire has been stripped of troops to reinforce North Africa- Hong Kong's "symbolic garrison" is just 14,000 men. https://t.co/nP3mvKGEhx RealTimeWWII photo

60,000 Japanese troops are marching from mainland China into British colony of Hong Kong- they outnumber defenders almost 4-to-1. https://t.co/FIWJVIx2pQ RealTimeWWII photo

Some MPs protest the ceremonial formality of Britain's declaration of war; Churchill: "When you have to kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite."

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill has declared war on Japan for their "calculated & characteristic Japanese treachery" in attacking Pearl Harbor & British colony of Malaya: https://t.co/hg8d8authb

In Singapore, now under attack by Japanese, an Indian soldier gives "the V for Victory" symbol, "backed by the whole British empire" (British caption). https://t.co/MxRX2REr0E RealTimeWWII photo

In Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, citizens hurry in shocked silence to buy first editions of the newspapers reporting outbreak of war with Japan: https://t.co/GfNEuhENUN RealTimeWWII photo

Winston Churchill calls Roosevelt to confirm news of Pearl Harbor attack- President confirms: "We're all in the same boat now". Churchill: "Being saturated & satiated with emotion & sensation, I went to bed & slept the sleep of the saved & thankful."

Japanese bombers are smashing Singapore- city completely unprotected, lights blazing like a beacon in the night, despite "state of emergency".

~60 Hawaiian civilians dead in Pearl Harbor, some strafed by Japanese planes, but mostly killed by faulty, falling American anti-aircraft shells. https://t.co/w19IWDogOL RealTimeWWII photo

Visiting the Bunker

At the moment, there are no visits to the bunker.

9 Responses to Visiting the Bunker

  • Alasdair Bright says:


    I work at St Cuthbert’s Primary School in Kenton (just round the corner from the bunker). This term we are studying World War 2, not being from the area I did a bit of research about the war in the local area. I couldn’t quite believe that there was such a perfect resource so local to the school and couldn’ t think of a more inspirational and engaging way to interest the children in the war.

    I wondered if you knew how I might go about arranging a class trip to the bunker? Are you the person I need to speak to?

    Kind regards,

    Alasdair Bright

  • colin anderson says:

    I’m sorry to report that there is, unfortunately, no possibility of any visits in the near future.

    • Alasdair Bright says:

      Thankyou Colin (apologies for not responding sooner as I have only just seen your response.)

      I wonder if you could help me attempt to bend a few ears with regards to accessing the bunker by answering a few questions.

      Who currently owns/is responsible for the bunker? Is it still Taylor Wimpey Homes? If I pursue this, are you certain that there is no possibility of a visist? Sorry for all the questions but I definitely think this would be worth twisting a few arms for (so to speak!)


      Alasdair Bright

  • Hello Alasdair

    In reply to your questions about visiting the bunker. I am afraid this is just not possible at the moment for a number of reasons.

    1) The bunker has in recent months been flooded in the lower levels, there is ongoing works to repair and remedy the long term flooding issues.
    2) The current owners do not have insurance for public access to the bunker.
    3) The bunkers internal condition is not as you can see on the photographs on this web site as these photos are a few years old and the bunker has flooded a number of times in the last few years .
    4) A recent asbestos survey has also seriously limited access to the bunker for non essential visits and certainly would preclude members of the general public entering the bunker.

    The above points are just a small selection of many problems that currently exist which prevent the general public from entering the bunker. Please be aware the bunker is essentially a building which has been disused for many years it cannot safely be opened to the general public without allot of remedial work and surveys etc. I am sure you can understand that a risk assessment of physically entering the bunker (a disused building) would be required and this would certainly high light many many problems. Not least the fact this is a 1930’s concrete MOD building which has not been maintained since the 60’s, thus it is not up to modern health and safety standards, although superb in terms of being relatively original and untouched from a historical view point.

    Our aim is to open the bunker in the future as an educational resource for schools to this end we are currently in talks with the owners of the bunker. Please be patient this process will take time as there are many legal and funding matters to be dealt with before this can happen. However we would welcome your support and any help you may be able to give to our group.

    Kind Regards


    • Lucie Potter says:

      Hello Alasdair,

      Secret Bunker North is an art and educational project on the 13 Group bunkers.
      As lead artist on the project I worked with 7 local primary schools, sadly not St Cuthbert’s in 2010. We are in the final stages of installing a listening trail based in Blakelaw Park, that covers the history of the bunkers and their usage after WWII, suitable for school groups. Members of Bunker 13 have been very helpful in sharing their knowledge for this. More information can be found on our website. An education project is also being developed with the City Learning Centre. Hope this is of interest!

      • Darren Neil says:

        Secret Bunker Day at the City Learning Centre tomorrow, then another on Monday.

        Hopefully the first of many.

        Pictures will follow.

  • Malcolm Richards says:

    I used to work at the Rokeby pub which is now demolished. Some of the locals used to tell me that the building was part of the MOD buildings in the area and a tunnel linked it to Kenton. Is that true?

  • I noted from the comments (dated 2013). That you were looking to get the bunker open to the public. How are things progresing? As it is something that I would love to visit and bring my son to.

  • colin anderson says:

    Unfortunately things grind exceedingly slow and little progress has been made other than the bunker finally starting to dry out. We still have the same aims so keep watching this space!

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