WWII in real time

An SS motorcycle division have broken through fragile Red Army lines-to find the 90km highway to Moscow almost undefended. https://t.co/1dzgTWJQR2 RealTimeWWII photo

Cartoonist Dr. Seuss parodies isolationist America First, who argue USA should stay neutral agains Nazis: "And the wolf chewed up the children & spit out their bones... but those were foreign children & it really didn't matter." https://t.co/sxdf8CQT3P RealTimeWWII photo

Another American warship has been torpedoed by a German submarine: destroyer USS Kearny was dropping depth charges after coming to aid a British convoy under U-boat attack, south of Iceland. 11 US sailors are dead. https://t.co/osVXbpZkEm RealTimeWWII photo

Japan's new Prime Minister is Hideki Tojo, General of the Imperial Japanese Army, known advocate of war with USA & of uniting all Asian nations in a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" (under Japanese guidance). https://t.co/6q8OweqLgh RealTimeWWII photo

Japan's Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe, advocate of peace with USA & UK, has resigned. "The Emperor has absorbed the view of the army & the navy high commands": Japan is preparing for war. https://t.co/BQY11BcObk RealTimeWWII photo

Zhukov telephones Stalin: "In essence, all the key approaches to Moscow are open. Our troops could not stop the enemy at this moment."

Soviet command has become so chaotic that General Zhukov has driven west of Moscow to find out where his armies are- & discovered huge gaps in the front, left by shattered & retreating Red Army.

German tankist Karl Fuchs is triumphant as his unit near Moscow: "From now on, Russian resistance will be minor. One day, the world will thank our beloved Fuhrer for our victory."

At the start of this year, Red Army had 5 million soldiers- today, just 2.3 million are left alive, not wounded & or taken prisoner. 45% of Soviet citizens now live in Nazi-occupied territory.

Workers in one Moscow milk factory found their manager trying to flee the city in commandeered delivery truck- they've dunked him in a barrel of cream for his desertion.

As Communist officials & factory bosses flee Moscow, workers are starting to riot- they're blocking roads out of city, forcing evacuees back.

Marriage rate soars in Moscow as Germans approach- spouses of "essential workers" will be evacuated eastwards, & many newlyweds hope to flee the city.

Nazi occupiers of Poland announce that all Jews are now confined to designated ghettos- its an automatic death sentence to be found outside. https://t.co/TIOGnuAZLR RealTimeWWII photo

1 Moscow cleaner: "The communal rubbish dump is cluttered with busts of Marx or Stalin, copies of Das Kapital, even torn-up Party documents!"

Moscow's citizens are making their own preparations for the arrival of the Germans: thousands of people are destroying their Communist Party membership cards- in the eyes of NKVD, committing treason.

Sinister flakes are drifting from the sky over Moscow: not snow, but the ashes of secret documents being burnt as Soviet ministries prepare to flee city.

Moscow's generals, Communist leadership, diplomats, universities, research labs & theatres will now evacuate 670 miles south-east, to Samara.

Stalin has decided to evacuate the Soviet government from Moscow; Germans are now just 100 miles from capital: "They might break through at any minute."

Luftwaffe bombers have struck Tikhvin railway station, 180 kilometres east of Leningrad- currently being used to evacuate children & wounded from the city. 5000 people are dead in massive fires, including many young evacuees.

Arctic convoys face a perilous dilemma: sail too far south, they risk discovery by German bombers; too far north, ships can be trapped in ice: https://t.co/vlBI0HxQre RealTimeWWII photo

Visit August 2015

Bank holiday saw another visit to photograph the bunker. Mold continues to run riot, causing damage to the wall boards.

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