WWII in real time

Senior Communist Party officials are secretly evacuating their children & wives from Moscow, while declaring the Germans will never approach the city.

Panter-Downes: "Strong men who normally wouldn’t touch a piece of candy... now brood over the idea of milk chocolate with morbid passion." https://t.co/98N97X0P2z

New York Times columnist Mollie Panter-Downes reports from London on rationing: "The classic English topic of conversation, the weather, has vanished for the duration- everyone talks about food." Weekly ration for two people: https://t.co/7vzDWlDp16 RealTimeWWII photo

1000s dead in central Chinese cities- new Japanese policy "Burn to ash strategy", of destroying civilian communities who provide any shelter for Kuomintang or Communist fighters. https://t.co/YEMrMZV2D4 RealTimeWWII photo

Jewish Soviet citizens under Nazi authority also banned from owning radios or cars, & must immediately abandon homes for newly built Jewish ghettos in Nazi-occupied towns.

Nazi authorities announce all Jews in German-occupied regions of the USSR must wear a yellow Star of David at all times: https://t.co/hQL12lDGKD RealTimeWWII photo

Stalin's orders condemn to death the 100,000s of Red Army troops currently encircled & trapped by Germans: either now in futile combat, or as traitors to the USSR when they surrender. https://t.co/5D02sS2o8O RealTimeWWII photo

Stalin: Soviet commanders or commissars attempting to surrender are "cowards & deserters [who] must be destroyed"- shoot them on sight, their families will be deprived of all state assistance.

Stalin issues Red Army Order 270, absolutely forbidding surrender by Soviet troops: "There are no Soviet prisoners of war, only traitors."

Germans announce they have captured Stalin's son Yakov fighting in USSR. Nazi propaganda proclaims: "Do not shed your blood for Stalin! If Stalin's son has saved himself, then you are not obliged to sacrifice yourself either." https://t.co/Vb5syTOnSp RealTimeWWII photo

Heavy clouds have brought a merciful end to week of heavy Japanese bombing in China- capital city of Chinese Nationalists, Chungking, is in ruins https://t.co/FAjzGO93lq RealTimeWWII photo

Japanese government informs German allies that they intend to stick to neutrality pact with the USSR: they will not invade Soviet Union from the east to assist Operation Barbarossa. https://t.co/EB0fWLWUUo

After 2 weeks of starvation, only Kolbe survived, praying constantly. Unusually, none of the condemned attempted cannibalism. The SS guards have killed him with injection of carbolic acid.

SS guards at Auschwitz chose 10 prisoners to starve in an underground bunker- reprisal for an escape attempt. Hearing one of the condemned, Franciszek Gajowniczek, cry out for his wife & children, Kolbe offered himself in the man's place. https://t.co/SeF7a0ClO6 RealTimeWWII photo

Polish Catholic Friar Maximilian Kolbe has died in German concentration camp of Auschwitz. Two weeks ago, he volunteered to be starved to death in order to save a stranger's life. https://t.co/RW1OWfhxTS RealTimeWWII photo

Atlantic Charter declares "right of all people to choose their own form of government"- but Churchill's hopes of USA declaring war on Germany dashed.

After a four-day meeting in Newfoundland, Churchill & Roosevelt announce a new "Atlantic Charter"- USA & UK's common principles "on which they base their hopes for a better future for the world": https://t.co/WdvoPZ1tze https://t.co/JqBWg9h1LL RealTimeWWII photo

German forces invading the USSR have captured their first Black Sea port- Cherson, "gateway to the Crimea". Soviet Navy frantically evacuating naval bases before Germans seize their ships.

Popular German joke: A man is arrested by the SS- Gestapo interrogator says 'I'll let you go if you guess which of my eyes is a glass eye'. Prisoner points at left eye. Gestapo man astonished. 'How did you know that eye was glass?' 'I detected a touch of human feeling in it.'

2 Cologne factories now on fire- but bitter toll of 13 Royal Air Force planes lost to flak & fighters. British hope daylight bombing will smash German morale. https://t.co/z9LA963ZIo RealTimeWWII photo

Visit August 2015

Bank holiday saw another visit to photograph the bunker. Mold continues to run riot, causing damage to the wall boards.

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