WWII in real time

To confirm site of planned Japanese attack, US Navy intelligence secretly orders Midway base to radio that their water purifier has broken down. American cryptographers soon detect Japanese signal: "Target is short of water."

US cryptographers, codenamed MAGIC, are reading cracked Japanese codes- they predict an attack on Allied fleet at Midway, Hawaiian archipelago.

Japanese Admiral Yamamoto hopes to create "second Pearl Harbor" by attacking Midway, luring out the American fleet, then destroying it with bombers & warships.

Japanese Navy have selected their next Allied target to attack, in a bid to destroy the US Navy's Pacific Fleet: Midway, a tiny atoll near Hawaii. https://t.co/AvJ1cYNQcE RealTimeWWII photo

Mexico has declared war on Germany, Italy & Japan; finally driven into open conflict with the Axis after several sinkings of neutral ships in the Gulf of Mexico by German U-boats. https://t.co/H3MnmNdFKi RealTimeWWII photo

Auckland's airfield, not expecting enemy aircraft, has turned on landing lights for to guide the Japanese reconnaissance plane- helping it get fine photos of aerodrome & harbour.

First ever hostile aircraft is flying over New Zealand: Japanese pilot Susumo Ito is on a seaplane surveillance flight over Auckland. https://t.co/KfvpiJAxIP RealTimeWWII photo

Australians Violet McLeod, Pauline Thompson & Gladys Hosking were all strangled to death; witnesses report seeing a US soldier nearby shortly before their bodies were found. Killer may be on one of the thousands of Americans stationed in Melbourne.

A serial killer stalks Melbourne's darkened streets, taking advantage of the fact that city lights have been dimmed for fear of Japanese air raids- press have dubbed him the "Brownout Strangler"

A woman's corpse has been found in Melbourne, strangled, partially stripped & dumped in an air-raid trench. It's the third identical murder within the last three weeks.

In Allied-controlled Egypt, British aim to deceive the Germans with fake tanks- building replica Crusader chassis around trucks driving in open sight of Luftwaffe reconnaissance planes. https://t.co/pKdbtKDgsm RealTimeWWII photo

Both German & Soviet armies are mired in Rasputitsa- Russia's "time of mud", as spring snowmelt turns the ground into a near-impassable swamp. https://t.co/SKwmhNi2j5 RealTimeWWII photo

There's huge public support for USSR in Allied nations; mass Communist rallies in Britain protest for opening a "second front" against the Germans. https://t.co/bX6iVdtfes RealTimeWWII photo

Angry Soviets think that UK & US governments are happy to let Russians die in order to slow down the Nazis. Russian cartoon shows Churchill advised by Generals Noneedtorush, Letswait, Shouldwerisk, Whatiftheybeatus & Whatifitgoeswrong. https://t.co/BP4hmcTuli RealTimeWWII photo

Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov is in London, demanding that British & American forces invade mainland Europe & force Nazis into a two-front war, to take pressure off USSR. https://t.co/uc92N6bF6w RealTimeWWII photo

Jaws of a trap are closing around Soviet forces in Ukraine; Red Army's bloody push towards Kharkov has been almost surrounded by German counterattack. https://t.co/dYjI7hOetO RealTimeWWII photo

German companies also profit from Nazi mass murder: Reichsbahn railway are paid passenger fares to ship Jews to death camps in cattle cars. https://t.co/TWEYPoy9g8 RealTimeWWII photo

SS have long used concentration camp prisoners as slave labour in quarries & factories; newly opened Nazi death camps have also been ordered to profit from their victims.

30 trainloads of clothes recovered from those murdered at Chelmno death camp have arrived in the ghetto in Łódź, to be sorted & cleaned by Jewish workers before resale; SS claim they have been "donated".

Nazi SS have begun a program to profit from the mass killing of Poland's Jews; they hope to sell the clothes & gold teeth retrieved from their corpses. https://t.co/WuYGqU2N57 RealTimeWWII photo

Visit August 2015

Bank holiday saw another visit to photograph the bunker. Mold continues to run riot, causing damage to the wall boards.

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