WWII in real time

Enemy Airmen’s Act inspired by “Doolittle Raid”, American bombing of Tokyo in April, which has left Japanese govt. furious & embarrassed. Under new law, US airmen captured after that raid can now be executed. https://t.co/No7VkAQwAF RealTimeWWII photo

Japanese military continue to enthusiastically use bombing, especially against Chinese who lack effective air defences. Japanese bombs have killed 10,000s of Chinese civilians, incl. this raid on Shanghai railway station 5 years ago: https://t.co/8tJm7VvzFm RealTimeWWII photo

Japan has passed a new law, the Enemy Airmen’s Act, declaring it a war crime to bomb Japanese-held territory: Allied air crew captured by Japanese can be tried & executed as “violators of the laws of war”.

Japanese soldiers on Tulagi tried to swim miles to next island rather than surrender. Allies take just 20 prisoners from the island- mostly conscripted Korean builders.

In 3 days of brutal battle, 3000 US Marines have taken small islands of Tulagi, Gavutu & Tanambogo- garrison of 886 Japanese fought almost to the last man.

Allied assault on Solomon Islands advances- US Marines & Australian soldiers have captured Tulagi & reinforced Guadacanal beachhead: https://t.co/NyFDTmXOTP RealTimeWWII photo

Survival of Malta may depend of Pedestal reaching the island. Hermann Göring has ordered Luftwaffe to: "operate with no other thought in mind than the destruction of the British convoy. Its destruction... is of decisive importance."

"Operation Pedestal" is inflicting a dreadful cost on Allied ships: one aircraft carrier, HMS Eagle, has been sunk, 2 more carriers badly damaged, & other escorts & merchant ships sunk with 100s of deaths. https://t.co/rs4SZpYVoN RealTimeWWII photo

British making a major attempt to transport desperately needed supplies to besieged island of Malta: 50 Allied ships, including 4 aircraft carriers & an oil tanker, are daring German & Italian warships, bombers, & submarines. https://t.co/FmgOo8CTPK RealTimeWWII photo

German "Brandenburgers" dressed as NKVD, arrest deserters, direct traffic jams & move key Soviet units away from defending Maikop's oil wells.

Captain Baron Adrian von Fölkersam leads 62 disguised Russian-speaking Germans & Baltic volunteers in a secret raid to save oil fields from Soviet sabotage. https://t.co/OhqwRoeDFN RealTimeWWII photo

German commandos, disguised as NKVD men, infiltrate Soviet lines ahead of the Wehrmacht's advance- ordering Red Army not to sabotage oil wells- "Stalin's orders".

After weeks of punishing advance into Caucasus, German panzers have reached Maikop, gateway to the vast Soviet oilfields. https://t.co/8OlNREvk76 RealTimeWWII photo

Claiming that campaign for Indian independence "threatens open revolt", forces of the British Raj have imprisoned Gandhi, Nehru & all Indian Congress Party leaders. https://t.co/QwlarQbf4G RealTimeWWII photo

Harshly reacting to Gandhi's demand to "Quit India", British authorities in India have arrested without charge hundreds of independence campaigners in a dawn raid.

With Churchill's first choice for new commander of the Eight Army in Egypt, General Gott, dead in a plane crash, Churchill appoints a relatively unknown officer, Bernard Montgomery: https://t.co/2SWsPcYbVu RealTimeWWII photo

Churchill has flown to Egypt to visit Allied troops- & to sack Allied commanders for not attacking Rommel aggressively enough. https://t.co/r06NjX9rra RealTimeWWII photo

3 American & 1 Australian cruisers have been sunk by Japanese bombers off Solomon Islands- but Allied invasion force was already ashore & fighting inland.

60,000 Allied troops have stormed ashore on the south Pacific islands of Guadalcanal, Tulagi & Florida, outnumbering Japanese defenders by 2-1. https://t.co/bMmGxEfbZl RealTimeWWII photo

Japanese airforce counterattack off Guadacanal island, bombers have slipped below American antiaircraft fire to ravage Allied fleet. https://t.co/r2vK5C2BYJ RealTimeWWII photo

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