WWII in real time

Italians use Enigma cipher machines, gifts from their German allies, making their signals "impossible to decrypt"- so they believe.

Codebreakers at Britain's Bletchley Park have cracked a single signal from Italian Navy- three days to a major attack. Working flat-out to decode more & discover location.

Göring: Now that British bombers are "targeting national monuments", Luftwaffe will do same. "I wouldn't give 2 pfennigs for the Houses of Parliament."

Berlin bombed overnight, for the first time this year: 48 Royal Air Force planes hit city centre, but missed their targets, the rail depots- hit Reichstag & museums instead.

Greek counter-attacks have forced Italians to retreat back into no-man's-land- where their own artillery is mistakenly shelling them.

Italian forces in Albania making a desperate night attack, charging Greek trenches with bayonets in last-ditch attempt to break their lines.

German advance beginning in Libya- Rommel's Afrikakorps forces have captured El Agheila. British troops wrecked 1 German armoured car, then abandoned town.

4 Yugoslavian Cabinet Ministers have resigned over Hitler's ultimatum to join "Axis" - & warn government of anti-German revolution brewing.

Menzies on Churchill: "He's a great one for detail- but his real tyrant is the glittering phrase, so attractive to his mind that awkward facts have to give way."

Australian Prime Minister Menzies in London, to discuss Australian troops fighting in Greece & Africa; records Winston Churchill "positively enjoys the war."

Nazi-issued postcards- to be sent to family in Vichy France- have no blank space, just phrases to be circled: sick, no news, send food etc.

After 9 months of Nazi occupation, inhabitants of northern France are still banned from sending sealed letters south. Only German-issued postcards allowed.

King has requested a national day of prayer in UK today. George Orwell: "Appalled by the jingoism & self-righteousness of the whole thing": https://t.co/Q6Geh0YrDb

Anti-German demonstrations flaring across Balkans- angry Yugoslavians protesting Hitler's ultimatum to join Axis & admit Wehrmacht troops.

Pope cancelling usual lavish Easter service in St. Peter's Square- "war is not a time for great gatherings". His Holiness will instead say Mass in a private chapel.

French refugee turned firefighter André Savignon, in Plymouth: "This town is wasting away in reddish trails of smoke; most citizens now lie, all their distress ended, under the ruins."

Plymouth was bombed again last night- 284 people now dead, thousands homeless. British air defences brought down 2 German planes out of over 100. https://t.co/7yoFiAH4zN RealTimeWWII photo

Soviet Military Intelligence Chief Golikov reassures Stalin: "while Britain remains undefeated, Hitler will never attack the USSR."

Italian Army Chaplains again asking Greeks in Albania for ceasefire, to bury Italian dead covering slopes of Monastery Hill. Greeks refuse, demand a full armistice.

Celebrity aviator & isolationist Colonel Lindbergh says USA cannot enter the war: "We have less military aircraft than Germany produces in one week."

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1 week ago


Dropped in to the bunker today for a routine dehumidifier check. All working well and bunker pretty dry now. Had a quick look in one of the cupboards in, what appears to be, a sort of janitor's room. One of the shelves appears to have writing on it. Closer inspection reveals it's lined with newspaper - very dirty and firmly stuck to the shelf. A quick couple of photos and a bit of zooming on the phone cam reveal that it's from March 17th 1945 - what are the chances of it turning up 74 years to the day after it was printed? ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago


Not posted for a while - been busy elsewhere - found some interesting booklets though. Will, hopefully end up on display in the bunker eventually. They were issued to or bought by my Grandfather who was in the navy for the last year of WWI but was too old for WWII. I have some interesting WWI documents of his too, including a " Leave Or Duty Ration Book" which still has coupons in! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago


Two more sections of the ejector room door sign have come to light. The section between the two in the previous post and the rest of the No. Glued up the middle section over the weekend and scraped the wimpey green off today. The rest of the No is now waiting for the glue to dry before scraping. Will look for the CE next time I visit the bunker - hope it has survived. Also visible is the remains of the Cold War period number 29 in red. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago


Found another section of the Ejector room door skin and scraped the wimpey dark green off to reveal more original lettering. Both sections have a cold war screwhole in them that matches ones in the door so was able to place them accurately(ish) for the penultimate photo. There's one more bit of door skin from the same area - but it's very crumbly so may not be able to do much with it. Should be enough to accurately re-construct the original though. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 months ago


Further to the post about the sign, here's a reconstruction of it. The J isn't quite correct but it's as close as I can get! Some of the vent holes have gone missing too. ... See MoreSee Less

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