WWII in real time

20 ago
Not as impressive as the end of the last war, when German submarine U-118 washed up on the beach in Hastings, UK. It had surrendered & was being towed through Channel when a storm blew it onto shore. https://t.co/setrPNfspf RealTimeWWII photo
30 ago
Beachcombing is booming in Britain, after cases of food, pencils & a piano were found washed up on the Dorset coast- wreckage from German submarine attacks on shipping in the Channel.
5 hours ago
Hitler, finally listening to advice from German generals, has cancelled this month's planned German invasion of Belgium, Netherlands & France; he cites bad weather & the possible leak of invasion plans last week.
19 hours ago
Allied with pro-Nazi German American Bund & anti-Semitic preacher Father Charles Coughlin, the Christian Front sees "Red" (Communist) Jews as greatest threat to America. https://t.co/qLTryP8L3K RealTimeWWII photo
20 hours ago
17 men, members of the American anti-Semitic organisation the Christian Front, have been arrested in New York with a cache of weapons, accused by FBI of plotting to bomb Jewish sites & to overthrow the US government in a fascist coup. https://t.co/mwrG8YN1Kn RealTimeWWII photo
23 hours ago
Wilhelm Reich, Austrian psychoanalyst who fled to New York to escape Nazis, writes in his diary: "This war is getting wilder all the time... The human race has simply gone mad. Things are going to go completely berserk." https://t.co/uKB0D1DweN RealTimeWWII photo

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Some interesting reading for Christmas. 3 boxed volumes about the Royal Air Force 1939 - 1945. ... See MoreSee Less

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And finally - the windows at the rear entrance have been bricked up so next time someone manages to get the steel shutter open they'll be greeted by a solid brick wall! ... See MoreSee Less

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Finally got some new tubes for our lights so we should be able to see in the bunker again. We're working on getting some sort of glass in the guardhouse windows too. Would be nice to keep the weather out this winter - as long as the local youths don't smash it all.
Looks like someone tried to set fire to the place too - luckily there's nothing flammable there.
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So this evening we had a volunteer clean up event and decided to have a go at the annoyingly blocked drain pipe on the side of the guardhouse. It had stubbornly resisted drain rods and that digesty stuff that's supposed to unblock things. So tonight it was off with the security cover and a load of juggling to get the pipe off before we were able to remove all the branches and bits of other stuff that the local youths appear to have thought it amusing to shove down there. Add some leaves from the tree next to it and it was well and truly blocked.
Just need some rain now to test it properly! We also made a start on cleaning up the plant room - Henry the vacuum came out to play! But there's a lot more needed than just a quick vac.
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