WWII in real time

Damage has slowed Bismarck: she can no longer, as Germans once boasted: "outgun any ship that outruns her & outrun anything that outguns her."

German paratroopers have fought their way into Galatas town, pushing Allies out in a brutal house-by-house melee; "These New Zealanders fight like bulldogs!" https://t.co/yZTcz4Wkhs RealTimeWWII photo

Ever-stronger German forces on Crete are staging all-out assault on Galatas, a crucial Allied strongpoint; Luftwaffe have smashed New Zealanders' defenses. https://t.co/aSoMmvDQlA RealTimeWWII photo

100 German troop-trains now head east every day, carrying huge force of 3.2 million soldiers into occupied Poland- right up to the German-Soviet border.

Battleship Bismarck hasn't escaped unscathed from sinking HMS Hood yesterday: she took 3 shell hits, now leaking oil & fleeing for safe port.

Vast explosion: HMS Hood has been blown in two. Of 1,418 crew, there are just 3 survivors, Ted Briggs one of them. Battleship Bismarck has her first kill. https://t.co/siaIm5LwRw RealTimeWWII photo

HMS Hood's ammunition is on fire; Ted Briggs: "shrapnel has made the upper decks a charnel-house; screams of the maimed are a strident chorus." https://t.co/ctUJfDAg8m RealTimeWWII photo

Hood- pride of the Navy- is being torn apart by her "prey", the Bismarck; seaman Ted Briggs, onboard: "Screams of dying emit from the voice-pipes to the lower decks."

HMS Hood opens fire- at the wrong ship, Bismarck's escort "Prince Eugen"; Bismarck retaliates: huge broadside at HMS Hood, smashing into British ship's weak deck armour. https://t.co/9DGjfvLfsu RealTimeWWII photo

Battlecruiser HMS Hood is the largest, heaviest warship in the world, & HMS Prince George is newly-commissioned battleship- so new she still has shipyard crew working below decks. https://t.co/iLexi0If3O RealTimeWWII photo

Two of the British warships hunting German battleship Bismarck has spotted their target off the coast of Iceland. HMS Hood & HMS Prince of Wales are moving in to attack. https://t.co/4Lkmb1NAD5 RealTimeWWII photo

GS1's announcer, German refugee turned British spy Peter Seckelmann, denouncing "flat-footed drunken old cigar-smoking Jew, Churchill!" He goes on to praise Hitler but attack "decadent" Nazi bureaucrats.

British Intelligence have started a "black propaganda" radio station, Gustav Siegfried Eins, who claim to be patriotic Germans hidden in the Reich. The presenter is insulting Winston Churchill to establish credibility.

"Here & there among the Germans lies a dead Englishman. All alike, every nationality, have turned black from the burning heat, thick with fat flies."

German advance in Crete finds scenes of slaughter; Luftwaffe officer Walter Gerick: "Dead parachutists hang in olive trees, swinging gently in breeze." https://t.co/S7D7GPhrlw RealTimeWWII photo

Despite dreadful losses, Churchill orders Royal Navy to stay at Crete: "Loss of half the Mediterranean fleet would be worthwhile to save Crete."

Allied forces are retreating in Crete, before a tide of freshly airdropped German soldiers- they're abandoning west of island to Wehrmacht.

Richthofen: "My pilots are giving triumphant shouts of joy. We've finally shown that a fleet in range of the Luftwaffe cannot hold the sea."

Luftwaffe commander Wolfram Von Richthofen: "The British take hit after hit. Ships burn & some flee, trailing oil, to escape this hell."

Luftwaffe are back in the skies over Crete, doing horrific damage to Royal Navy guarding island; two more Royal Navy destroyers, HMS Kelly & HMS Kashmir, sunk with 100s dead. https://t.co/dYu6i5nDhA RealTimeWWII photo

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2 months ago


Dropped in to the bunker today for a routine dehumidifier check. All working well and bunker pretty dry now. Had a quick look in one of the cupboards in, what appears to be, a sort of janitor's room. One of the shelves appears to have writing on it. Closer inspection reveals it's lined with newspaper - very dirty and firmly stuck to the shelf. A quick couple of photos and a bit of zooming on the phone cam reveal that it's from March 17th 1945 - what are the chances of it turning up 74 years to the day after it was printed? ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago


Not posted for a while - been busy elsewhere - found some interesting booklets though. Will, hopefully end up on display in the bunker eventually. They were issued to or bought by my Grandfather who was in the navy for the last year of WWI but was too old for WWII. I have some interesting WWI documents of his too, including a " Leave Or Duty Ration Book" which still has coupons in! ... See MoreSee Less

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3 months ago


Two more sections of the ejector room door sign have come to light. The section between the two in the previous post and the rest of the No. Glued up the middle section over the weekend and scraped the wimpey green off today. The rest of the No is now waiting for the glue to dry before scraping. Will look for the CE next time I visit the bunker - hope it has survived. Also visible is the remains of the Cold War period number 29 in red. ... See MoreSee Less

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5 months ago


Found another section of the Ejector room door skin and scraped the wimpey dark green off to reveal more original lettering. Both sections have a cold war screwhole in them that matches ones in the door so was able to place them accurately(ish) for the penultimate photo. There's one more bit of door skin from the same area - but it's very crumbly so may not be able to do much with it. Should be enough to accurately re-construct the original though. ... See MoreSee Less

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6 months ago


Further to the post about the sign, here's a reconstruction of it. The J isn't quite correct but it's as close as I can get! Some of the vent holes have gone missing too. ... See MoreSee Less

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