WWII in real time

Thai troops, invading French colony of Indochina, have been fought to a standstill by French forces- mainly by Cambodians & Vietnamese soldiers serving in colonial army.

British Cabinet, outraged by calls for "a people's peace", plans to ban socialist newspaper Daily Worker. Churchill wants Communist Party outlawed.

In London, a 2000-strong Communist "People's Convention" is calling for alliance with the Soviet Union, better bomb shelters, & restoration of civil liberties.

Harold Sturtevant, a US Navy soldier on shore leave in San Francisco, has cut down the Nazi flag (after brief struggle with a German official)- to cheers of crowd. https://t.co/L0qcbj7Ej5 RealTimeWWII photo

German consulate in San Francisco is today flying a Nazi Reich flag (with swastika); angry American crowd of 2000 has gathered outside & 2 sailors have climbed up 10 stories, trying to cut it down: https://t.co/K54thR4Et8 RealTimeWWII photo

Germany almost out of coal. Nazi authorities censoring reports of homeless people freezing to death; Berliners joke: "Now it's illegal even to die."

British diarist Vere Hodgson expects an imminent Nazi invasion: "in spring, the Americans think. If they're lending us their Navy things must be pretty grim."

Blizzards raging over Europe. Respite from bombing for British & German cities- Luftwaffe & RAF grounded- but bombed-out civilians now freeze as snow blows into shattered homes.

Stockings are now unobtainable in the UK- all silk has been confiscated to make parachutes. Ingenious solution- paint seams on your legs to give the illusion of stockings: https://t.co/jOakgh5RDe RealTimeWWII photo

Japan Advertiser newspaper condemns "threat" of US Navy station at Pearl Harbour: "Huge warship buildup means dictatorship over the Pacific."

A squadron of French warships have ambushed & sunk 3 Thai Navy ships off the island of Koh Chang, killing 36 sailors. Thais & French colonial forces skirmishing along Indochinese border.

Australian government has ruled the Jehovah's Witnesses an "unlawful sect" due to their claims of neutrality in the war & refusal to pledge allegiance to the King.

Last year's failed Republican candidate for US President, Wendell Willkie, is now in UK to "boost morale- show that the USA won't abandon you." https://t.co/eKfqF0BbWN RealTimeWWII photo

Malta's oldest towns- Senglea, Vittoriosa & Cospicua, built by 16th-century Knights of Malta- are in rubble. 76 people dead, 700 homes gone.

Luftwaffe have launched their 1st major bombing raid on British island of Malta; aiming at warship HMS Illustrious in port, they've hit surrounding towns https://t.co/weIuZPqAzg RealTimeWWII photo

Antonescu has agreed to send Romania into war against Soviets- but first, he plans to crush his right-wing rivals, Romanian Fascist movement the Iron Guard.

Hitler has met Romanian leader Marshal Antonescu, to discuss German plans to invade USSR in the summer- hopes Romania will join war against the Soviets. https://t.co/hW1GEWRHM0 RealTimeWWII photo

Henry Moore- a veteran of the Great War- sketches his Tube station scenes from memory, never while underground: "It'd be like sketching in the hold of a slave ship." https://t.co/NCLIwEVwPR RealTimeWWII photo

British war artist Henry Moore has been commissioned by government to record the Blitz; his painting of Londoners sheltering in Tube: https://t.co/gGA8hLOnAZ RealTimeWWII photo

New York Times advert offers Americans new service to send parcels of rationed food to isolated & hungry British Isles: tea, butter, sugar, jarred bacon & tinned ham. https://t.co/EiZZaKTwVr RealTimeWWII photo

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2 weeks ago


Found another section of the Ejector room door skin and scraped the wimpey dark green off to reveal more original lettering. Both sections have a cold war screwhole in them that matches ones in the door so was able to place them accurately(ish) for the penultimate photo. There's one more bit of door skin from the same area - but it's very crumbly so may not be able to do much with it. Should be enough to accurately re-construct the original though. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago


Further to the post about the sign, here's a reconstruction of it. The J isn't quite correct but it's as close as I can get! Some of the vent holes have gone missing too. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago


Popped in this Sunday to check the dehumidifiers and decided to have a quick look at the pile of rubbish in the toilet next to the bottom of the back stairs. There's loads of sand in there, from rotted sandbags, and a load of bits of mostly rotten plywood. From the large holes in one of the pieces, it must be part of the outer skin of the ejector room door. Examining it with a torch, slightly raised lettering is visible under the dark green "Wimpy" paint - unfortunately there's only one piece with any lettering. As it's in a really poor state I decide to take it home and see if I can uncover the lettering - It should be original WWII signwriting as there is a hole where the Cold War plastic sign would have been screwed on. See pictures for the results. The Letters are 2" high. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago


Another Sunday another clean up session and a bit of door sliding. Once again the Vacmaster donated by www.cleva-uk.com/ does the business on (what's left of) the plotting room wall. The whole thing will need replacing as the framework is completely rotten and the wall is only held up by the ventilation ducting on the other side.
Also leaned on the plotting room door and discovered it's dried out enough to actually move! Shame about the paint job on the inside though. Interestingly the only remaining bit of cold war colour scheme found so far was revealed on the wall outside the door and the presence of blue paint under both greens means it's a WWII door.
Trying the same trick with the ejector room door resulted in the inner skin falling off and it's still in what we think was it's original colour Grey(ish) - the door is going to need some serious restoration but doesn't look too difficult except for the slider mechanism.
... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago


Check out these before and after pics - mould removed using the Vacmaster kindly donated by www.cleva-uk.com/
It's really good at taking the poorly applied flaking paint off the walls downstairs too.
The air movers have completely eliminated the "cold spots" as you come down the main stairs too.
... See MoreSee Less

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