WWII in real time

Broken remnants of Axis armies in Tunisia are being driven back by Allied armies, fleeing up the Cape Bon peninsula. https://t.co/VKRx9VYNnv RealTimeWWII photo

In a seven-day running battle in the open ocean, 43 U-boats attempted to destroy Convoy ONS-5; but despite sinking 13 ships, German losses have been catastrophic. 6 submarines, U-125, U-192, U-438, U-531, U-630 & U-638, were sunk in last 24 hours alone.

Allied Atlantic convoys are now equipped with anti-submarine tactics & a new weapons to destroy German U-boats, from long-range bomber patrols to "Hedgehog" mortars, which fires 24 charges, each loaded with enough TNT to blow a hole in a sub's hull. https://t.co/CmBXjPde8p RealTimeWWII photo

Allied convoy ONS-5, heading from Liverpool to Halifax, has decisively fought off a German submarine attack in the North Atlantic: the merchant convoy & its warship escorts has sunk 7 U-boats & seriously damaged 7 more, turning tables on Kriegsmarine "wolfpacks". https://t.co/1nVRHytiQi RealTimeWWII photo

British troops have advanced into Tunis, capturing the Tunisian capital five minutes after the American II Corps took control of Bizerte; the two remaining Axis-controlled port in North Africa are in Allied hands. https://t.co/rcMx3BcVPO RealTimeWWII photo

The unknown woman diarist in Warsaw: "Everything is engulfed in fire. It looks like the end of the world." Read her diary: https://t.co/MQZ6wuylxz

"Our emotions are terrible. Some people lie on the ground unconscious. Most vulnerable are the children. We've been through 3 days without food. All beg for help. Most of them, almost all, cry out: 'God, show your power, have mercy on us.' God... does not answer."

One young woman hiding in Warsaw's ghetto keeps her diary: "Five difficult & tragic days have passed; the bunker is now crowded since we took in 45 more."

SS forces & their Fascist auxiliaries are sacking the Jewish ghetto in German-occupied Warsaw, crushing hidden bunkers, & capturing hundreds of Jews in hiding; those not shot are sent to Treblinka concentration camp. https://t.co/G0HRs9batM RealTimeWWII photo

American, British & French armies are closing in on the last Axis holdout in North Africa; Italian & German forces are being shipped out slowly via remaining ports of Bizerte & Tunis, but Luftwaffe have withdrawn across Mediterranean, leaving Allies with complete air superiority. https://t.co/pX9R5XZ2Jj RealTimeWWII photo

British diplomats demand Spanish authorities turn over documents carried by “Major Martin”; as hoped, German intelligence are interested, & are pressuring the Fascist-aligned Spanish to let them see secret letters found in a briefcase handcuffed to the corpse. https://t.co/ZbAg0RHVvo RealTimeWWII photo

Glyndwr Michael died earlier this year after eating rat poison: now his body, dressed in a Royal Navy uniform, has been dropped off the Spanish coast by a British submarine. Attached to the corpse are faked documents suggesting the Allies plan to invade Greece (not Sicily). https://t.co/UwGBiOAhxY RealTimeWWII photo

Huelva, Spain: a funeral is held for a man who never existed: Major William Martin of British Royal Marines, body found floating off Spanish coast. In reality, it’s the corpse of a Welsh vagrant, planted by British Naval intelligence in Operation Mincemeat, a deception campaign.

Allied intelligence are desperate to divert German forces away from Sicily using any ruse available. As Churchill said during planning of “Operation Husky” landings: "Everyone but a bloody fool would know that it's Sicily.”

British have set up a fake headquarters in Cairo commanding “Twelfth Army” of nonexistent divisions, & are recruiting Greek interpreters & ordering maps of the Balkans.

Allied intelligence have begun a complex piece of deception work, Operation Barclay, to try & persuade Germans that they are planning an invasion of Greece this year; attempt to disguise real attack on Sicily.

"National War Labor Board" negotiates between employers & unions, & is supposed to forbid strikes in vital industries; but powerful UMW union has ignored President's order to return to work. More: https://t.co/4mKYbSA9qa https://t.co/KpClC2Ma2H RealTimeWWII photo

The US government has seized control of all coal mines to try & keep producing fuel during a massive labour strike. 480,000 American miners have struck, ordered by the United Mine Workers union. https://t.co/kAvhOvVp1B RealTimeWWII photo

To celebrate May Day, artist William Gropper produces poster showing soldiers of all the Allied nations dancing around an enormous maypole, their ropes strangling Hitler, Mussolini & Tojo, leaders of the main Axis powers. https://t.co/Z0gITz0cFD RealTimeWWII photo

Port Darwin, northern Australian, has been bombed: Japanese planes & Zero fighters have struck the town, wrecking its airstrip. Royal Australian Air Force, flying brand new Spitfire fighter planes, were battered by Japanese as they tried to fight off attackers. https://t.co/VKfSLJ5m1l RealTimeWWII photo

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2 months ago

We have had a response to our request for clarity about future access to the bunker from the residents management company solicitor (As this is the method they now choose to communicate with Bunker 13). It is not good news but pretty much as we suspected. We will publish more details in due course. Thank you for your support. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Hi everyone, it is now more than 7 months since Brannen and Partners, under instruction from the Residents Management Company, instructed Bunker 13 to stop their ongoing maintenance and comprehensive internal and external inspection regime of the Grade II Listed World War Two Bunker in the grounds of the Central Grange Estate.Our dehumidifiers had to be removed leaving the internals of the structure at risk of deterioration. There is no regular monitoring of water ingress and checking the pumps put in place by the Management Company to prevent this happening. This is of great concern to Newcastle City Council Heritage department also who are undertaking periodic inspections.The reason cited for preventing Bunker 13 access was stated as health and safety concerns. Despite Bunker 13 having a H&S professional consultant as one of our directors and our repeated requests for any information on the risks identified by them no details have been provided. The one concern we do have is regarding the electrical system which has not been inspected/tested for a number of years and thus until inspected this remains a potential fire risk.We believe enough time has now elapsed for any H&S issues to have been addressed and so we will be asking for access by Bunker 13 to the Bunker to resume our caretaking role. This in turn would mean the process of seeking funding for the restoration project could start once again.Unfortunately, our preservation activities have been STOPPED as the Residents Management Company refuse to engage in constructive discussions with us or anyone about the future of the bunker.We remain concerned that H&S concerns are being given as a smoke screen to keep the bunker disused mothballed and rotting away to save short term costs and feel this is a very short-sighted plan as the costs of repair required to a listed building once allowed to deteriorate will sadly fall on the Central Grange Residents. We are also concerned that as we are not undertaking our regular security inspections the Bunker is at high risk of break in and anti-social behaviour.We will keep you informed as to the management company’s response to our request to once again be granted access to act as caretakers of the bunker and restart the bunker project. ... See MoreSee Less
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7 months ago

Application for Grade 2 Star listing has been Applied for as significant Air actions by the RAF were directed from this bunker. One such action was the tracking and interception of Rudolf Hess's plane. We will have more details in our up and coming news letters. We have had to take this action to protect the building due to the current management company's behaviour and total lack of communication which have returned the bunker to being at risk as an unmonitored vacant historic building. Watch this space for further news. ... See MoreSee Less
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7 months ago

We will be publishing another BUNKER NEWS LETTER in the next couple of weeks which will have further NEWS about the new Central Grange Residents Group (Facebook Page going live soon) for the residents living near the bunker. In our news letter we will correct factual inaccuracies in the annual statement supplied by the management agents to all the residents. Each resident will also get a paper version supplied. Support is growing. 🙂👍Watch this space. ... See MoreSee Less
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