WWII in real time

Red Army have recaptured the Russian city of Smolensk, forcing Germans to retreat after 2 years of occupation. https://t.co/j16yDtvmep RealTimeWWII photo

Red Army is surging west through Ukraine, punching through fascist lines to reach banks of River Dnieper outside Kiev. New York Times shows huge Soviet advances in last few months: https://t.co/LVtGLiiNvU RealTimeWWII photo

Nazi governor of occupied Belarus, Wilhelm Kube, has been assassinated by Soviet partisans. Elena Mazanik, working as a maid in June’s mansion, planted a time-bomb in his bed, killing him as he slept. https://t.co/iEeXpnF4tE RealTimeWWII photo

Germans walk through heaps of corpses, loudly offering medical aid. About 20 Italians crawl forward- a machine-gun salvo finishes them off.

5000 Italian troops shot in Cephalonia's fields & village streets, many begging Germans- former allies- for mercy. Their "perfidious action"- fighting back when Germans tried to disarm them- leads to brutal reprisal. https://t.co/guRDIUbqef RealTimeWWII photo

On Greek island of Cephalonia, German troops have massacred 5000 captured Italian soldiers who refused to surrender their weapons after Italy's armistice with the Allies. https://t.co/pDyd9YPOKP RealTimeWWII photo

Mussolini was reluctant to return to Italy after being overthrown last month & rescued by German commandos- but Hitler threatened to have Wehrmacht destroy Milan, Genoa & Turin if il Duce refused to act as puppet head of new "Italian Social Republic".

Italian ex-dictator Mussolini has announced a new Fascist state, "Italian Social Republic" with Nazi backing. Although claiming all of Italy, Mussolini now rules only territory German army controls. https://t.co/zmHzaVGiKq RealTimeWWII photo

Italian Acqui division are requesting air support against Luftwaffe bombing them- but Allied invaders won't let Italian Air Force help.

Italian troops had occupied territory in Greece, southern France, Baltics & USSR- now been surrounded by Germans & ordered to surrender. But on Greek island of Cephalonia, Italian Acqui division has defied German orders to surrender & are fighting back alongside Greek resistance.

10 days after Italian surrender to the Allied powers, German troops have disarmed & captured 1,006,370 soldiers from their former Axis partner. https://t.co/wikhyAAzt9 RealTimeWWII photo

Nazi occupiers of Belgium have begun mass deportations of Jewish Belgians to extermination camps in Poland- 1000 have been herded onto cattle trucks heading for Auschwitz death camp. https://t.co/1ikHmbLZeA RealTimeWWII photo

Soviet forces have captured the Black Sea port city of Novorossisk from German occupiers, & are now nearing Smolensk, west of Moscow. New York Times map shows scenes of constant Red Army advances in the USSR: https://t.co/pj8J4NBF3V RealTimeWWII photo

With Italy now under German occupation, a Reichsbank agent has arrived in Rome to demand Italy’s National gold reserves- 119 tons- be transferred to Milan & into Nazi custody.

Despite German counter-attacks trying to push back American landings at Salerno, Allied forces continue to advance. New York Times map shows the areas of southern Italy that Allied forces now control: https://t.co/mm17xs06AP RealTimeWWII photo

Anti-Nazi mutiny among the Waffen-SS Croatian Brigade has been crushed. Bosnian Muslim junior officers failed to persuade enlisted men to join their revolt, & pro-German troops have arrested all 500 mutineers, killing ~70 ringleaders. https://t.co/OW0pND16f0 RealTimeWWII photo

500 members of the Croatian Muslim SS-brigade, in France for training, have now mutinied against their German officers, killing several Nazis. Partisan sympathisers infiltrated the ranks of the SS division & have attempted to lead all 26,000 soldiers in revolt.

Germans think Bosnian Muslim troops will be reliable force to police the Balkans. Head of SS Himmler believes Islam creates fearless soldiers & is a personal supporter of the project; including arranging a blessing from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem: https://t.co/Kl1x7x8Yi3 RealTimeWWII photo

Nazis have created a new, multiracial unit of the Waffen-SS: 1st Croatian division, made up of mostly Bosnian Muslims who have volunteered to fight against Yugoslav partisans on behalf of German occupiers. https://t.co/NT2Xr49bGY RealTimeWWII photo

300 British soldiers at Salerno, Italy have mutinied, refusing orders to split from their regiments to reinforce understrength units. The men had been promised they would be sent back to Britain, but found themselves ordered to assist with invasion of Italy instead.


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