WWII in real time

US Admiral Halsey, in Pearl Harbor: "Before we're through with them, the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell." https://t.co/EgjfeCuxDT RealTimeWWII photo

US Navy is dredging debris from Pearl Harbor- including Japanese pilot whose plane fell, burning, into water. [Graphic image]: https://t.co/zBD46udOEL RealTimeWWII photo

A US citizen of Japanese descent wants to show where he stands in the newly declared war against Japan: https://t.co/Pzq9F8Rmo7 RealTimeWWII photo

Canada has declared war on Japan; 1400 Japanese fishing & merchant boats interned, Japanese-language schools & newspapers offices are being closed by police.

Manila unprepared for bombing; civilians caught in parks "take shelter" around acacia trees, some ladies are opening parasols to huddle under.

Japanese bombers have hit American bases at the Philippines, catching Far East Air Force on ground, despite warnings: over ½ US planes destroyed. https://t.co/DOcpODpjmC

Rankin- the first woman ever elected to Congress- was followed out of the Capitol chamber by a mob angry at her anti-war vote; she's had to take shelter in a phone booth to call police. https://t.co/jQ3lgoQrmT RealTimeWWII photo

Following President's request, US Congress has voted for war with Japan, by 470-1. Only Senator or Congressman to vote against war is pacifist Jeanette Rankin: "As a woman I can't go to war, & I refuse to send anyone else."

"I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked & dastardly attack by Japan... a state of war has existed between the United States & the Japanese Empire." Watch speech now: https://t.co/0v9SypXntp

President Roosevelt now addressing US Congress: "Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly & deliberately attacked by naval & air forces of the Empire of Japan." https://t.co/ihVmlJHk6b RealTimeWWII photo

President Roosevelt is driving to US Capitol for declaration of war on Japan, in the only armoured car available to Secret Service: the bulletproof limo confiscated from Al Capone.

Britain's Far East empire has been stripped of troops to reinforce North Africa- Hong Kong's "symbolic garrison" is just 14,000 men. https://t.co/nP3mvKGEhx RealTimeWWII photo

60,000 Japanese troops are marching from mainland China into British colony of Hong Kong- they outnumber defenders almost 4-to-1. https://t.co/FIWJVIx2pQ RealTimeWWII photo

Some MPs protest the ceremonial formality of Britain's declaration of war; Churchill: "When you have to kill a man, it costs you nothing to be polite."

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill has declared war on Japan for their "calculated & characteristic Japanese treachery" in attacking Pearl Harbor & British colony of Malaya: https://t.co/hg8d8authb

In Singapore, now under attack by Japanese, an Indian soldier gives "the V for Victory" symbol, "backed by the whole British empire" (British caption). https://t.co/MxRX2REr0E RealTimeWWII photo

In Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, citizens hurry in shocked silence to buy first editions of the newspapers reporting outbreak of war with Japan: https://t.co/GfNEuhENUN RealTimeWWII photo

Winston Churchill calls Roosevelt to confirm news of Pearl Harbor attack- President confirms: "We're all in the same boat now". Churchill: "Being saturated & satiated with emotion & sensation, I went to bed & slept the sleep of the saved & thankful."

Japanese bombers are smashing Singapore- city completely unprotected, lights blazing like a beacon in the night, despite "state of emergency".

~60 Hawaiian civilians dead in Pearl Harbor, some strafed by Japanese planes, but mostly killed by faulty, falling American anti-aircraft shells. https://t.co/w19IWDogOL RealTimeWWII photo

Bunker 13 – RAF Blakelaw

RAF Blakelaw was a WW2 Royal Air Force Fighter command station based at what is now Kenton Bar in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Map with waves

It’s location was chosen before September 1938 and a temporary surface station was brought into use by July 1939 to coincide with the formation of 13 group which controlled fighters north of the Humber and throughout Scotland.

The permanent underground bunker was completed and became fully operational on December 3rd 1939 at 23:59hrs.

Although the site is now surrounded by new houses the Bunker still exists and is listed grade II

 The Bunker formed part of the revolutionary air defence system devised by Dowding.

This comprised an integrated air defence system which included:

  • Radar (whose potential Dowding was among the first to appreciate).

  • Human observers (including the Royal Observer Corps), who filled crucial gaps in what radar was capable of detecting at the time (the early radar systems, for example, did not provide good information on the altitude of incoming German aircraft),

  • Raid plotting

  • Radio control of aircraft.

    The whole network was tied together, in many cases, by dedicated phone links buried sufficiently deeply to provide protection against bombing. The network had its apex (and Dowding his own headquarters) at RAF Bentley Priory, a converted country house on the outskirts of London.



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