WWII in real time

3 hours ago
Churchill & Roosevelt are both urging French government to order their fleet of warships to sail to colonies in North Africa- before armistice allows the Germans to seize the ships.
9 hours ago
Hitler's adjutant, Georg Engel: "Führer says Britain is so weak that, after bombing, a major invasion will be unnecessary. Army will just move in."
9 hours ago
Haile Selassie, Empire of Ethiopia deposed by Italian invasion in 1936, has offered his services to British government if they will help him reclaim his kingdom. https://t.co/fSXSeJVeEN RealTimeWWII photo
9 hours ago
Italy's aggression has spread the war into Africa, where British & Italians each raid the other's colonies: Italian commander Italo Balbo in Ethiopia: "We have no trucks, no anti-tank guns; it's steel versus flesh." https://t.co/nkIRR0ys9n RealTimeWWII photo
13 hours ago
British war cabinet now meeting: "The outstanding event of the week has been the collapse of French resistance & the extension of the German occupation to the entire northern coast of France."
14 hours ago
Across the world from the European war, Japanese invasion of China continues: Chinese forces have beaten back a major offensive on the city of Yichang, killing 2700 Japanese soldiers. https://t.co/wrespyoaId RealTimeWWII photo

Bunker 13 – RAF Blakelaw

RAF Blakelaw was a WW2 Royal Air Force Fighter command station based at what is now Kenton Bar in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Map with waves

It’s location was chosen before September 1938 and a temporary surface station was brought into use by July 1939 to coincide with the formation of 13 group which controlled fighters north of the Humber and throughout Scotland.

The permanent underground bunker was completed and became fully operational on December 3rd 1939 at 23:59hrs.

Although the site is now surrounded by new houses the Bunker still exists and is listed grade II

 The Bunker formed part of the revolutionary air defence system devised by Dowding.

This comprised an integrated air defence system which included:

  • Radar (whose potential Dowding was among the first to appreciate).

  • Human observers (including the Royal Observer Corps), who filled crucial gaps in what radar was capable of detecting at the time (the early radar systems, for example, did not provide good information on the altitude of incoming German aircraft),

  • Raid plotting

  • Radio control of aircraft.

    The whole network was tied together, in many cases, by dedicated phone links buried sufficiently deeply to provide protection against bombing. The network had its apex (and Dowding his own headquarters) at RAF Bentley Priory, a converted country house on the outskirts of London.



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Lights! Camera! Action!

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