WWII in real time

Adolf Hitler has issued Führer Directive #20: secret plans for a German invasion of Greece, to help beleaguered Italian forces. https://t.co/YY3GttPGuQ

The Great Dictator has been banned in every Nazi-occupied nation; Hitler has watched it twice in his private cinema. No report of his reaction.

Charlie Chaplin's newest film, Hitler satire The Great Dictator, premiering tonight in blacked-out London: https://t.co/RYywF6zyui https://t.co/rz602wd2UT RealTimeWWII photo

Since French leader Marshal Pétain took power in unoccupied France, he has focused against "Enemy Number One"- Nazi Germany- & "Enemy Number Two"- British Empire.

Pierre Laval, French Foreign Minister, has been sacked & arrested. An advocate of close collaboration with Nazis, he's accused of espionage by the Vichy government,

7 survivors of the Marples Hotel bombing in Sheffield have been dug out from tons of rubble; they sheltered in a sturdy wine-cellar. First priority after rescue: a cigarette. https://t.co/mFBIiKrh12 RealTimeWWII photo

A direct hit by a German bomb has wrecked the Marples Hotel, killing over 70 people sheltering in the cellars- worst hit of last night's Blitz. https://t.co/jcsStH970h RealTimeWWII photo

Sheffield has been bombed overnight- target of main factories almost undamaged, but fires have ravaged the town centre. Over 200 people are dead. https://t.co/4zOaZR5iqp RealTimeWWII photo

As Italian armies rush across Libya to try & stem the Allied advance, Indian troops march in opposite direction, away from the fighting- despite protests by Allied commanders.

A division of Indian troops- huge part of Allied army in Egypt- ordered to stop advancing on Italians & head to east Sudan to guard the Suez canal.

Indian troops in Egypt now capturing Italian airfields- still covered in burnt-out planes bombed just days ago by the Royal Air Force. https://t.co/RrchdBS609 RealTimeWWII photo

British government issuing "Potato Pete" recipe books & nursery rhymes to push tubers on the public. For rationed recipes: https://t.co/vFpstSwMks https://t.co/4FkAif83N2 RealTimeWWII photo

As food supplies become shorter in Britain, UK government is launching a "potato promotion drive", publishing recipes & opening state-sponsored fish-&-chip shops. https://t.co/Oohx4lxV3U RealTimeWWII photo

British bomb damage reports are censored, news says only that "a town in the Midlands" was hit. Casualty figures banned. https://t.co/RHn0keVU7Q RealTimeWWII photo

Birmingham's Spitfire fighter plane factory (largest in UK) has been bombed, 53 people dead. Off-shift workers volunteering to keep production going. https://t.co/JQzmU8nbsG RealTimeWWII photo

200 German bombers raided Birmingham for 13 hours last night; terrible devastation from 25000 incendiary bombs. 263 people are dead & 243 badly injured. Workers clear levelled ruins of St. Thomas' Church: https://t.co/M3WOMdTVfQ RealTimeWWII photo

Luftwaffe planes- 10th Fliegerkorps- have been ordered to fly to Italy. Hitler is quietly coming to try & save Mussolini from military disaster in Greece.

Allied troops in Egypt can't count huge numbers of Italian prisoners. One British officer reports: "We've captured about 5 acres of officers & 200 acres of other ranks."

An Australian soldier writes from Egypt: The Italians "can't take it. They can't take pain (I saw 100s of their wounded in tears), or the sound of shells. The sight of our bayonets makes them throw up their hands. Fascism... pooh!"

Cut off & surrounded in Egyptian desert, 3 more Italian divisions surrender; in three days Allied troops have captured 38,000 men & 73 tanks. https://t.co/ngW9Q0E6cM RealTimeWWII photo

Bunker 13 – RAF Blakelaw

RAF Blakelaw was a WW2 Royal Air Force Fighter command station based at what is now Kenton Bar in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Map with waves

It’s location was chosen before September 1938 and a temporary surface station was brought into use by July 1939 to coincide with the formation of 13 group which controlled fighters north of the Humber and throughout Scotland.

The permanent underground bunker was completed and became fully operational on December 3rd 1939 at 23:59hrs.

Although the site is now surrounded by new houses the Bunker still exists and is listed grade II

 The Bunker formed part of the revolutionary air defence system devised by Dowding.

This comprised an integrated air defence system which included:

  • Radar (whose potential Dowding was among the first to appreciate).

  • Human observers (including the Royal Observer Corps), who filled crucial gaps in what radar was capable of detecting at the time (the early radar systems, for example, did not provide good information on the altitude of incoming German aircraft),

  • Raid plotting

  • Radio control of aircraft.

    The whole network was tied together, in many cases, by dedicated phone links buried sufficiently deeply to provide protection against bombing. The network had its apex (and Dowding his own headquarters) at RAF Bentley Priory, a converted country house on the outskirts of London.



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