WWII in real time

Hitler's frustrated & angry after 7 hours of Franco refusing Spanish aid to Nazi cause, saying "I'd rather have 4 teeth extracted without gas than meet again"; Franco's translator's account: https://t.co/VvAkXfkTdM https://t.co/fCPuPcxhtX RealTimeWWII photo

Hitler's offering Gibraltar (once Britain is defeated) to Spain in exchange for entry into the war; Franco wants French Morocco & Cameroon, claims he needs weapons & fuel from Germany.

Spanish dictator Francisco Franco now meeting Hitler at town of Hendaye; the Führer wants Spain to join the Axis alliance & help attack Britain. https://t.co/0aIO73gAub RealTimeWWII photo

New law also applies to girls in Nazi League of German Girls; "Aryan" German children 10-18 must join Hitler Youth on pain of arrest. https://t.co/l0j3oJHIhX RealTimeWWII photo

Under new German laws, teenage boys who fail to report for their local Hitler Youth meetings can now be reported to the police. https://t.co/f29wwrJUed RealTimeWWII photo

Most of Britain is today shrouded in heavy fog & drizzle. London is hidden under infamous "smog"- Luftwaffe bombing blind. Glasgow, enjoying rare sun, badly bombed.

Poles have petitioned Germans not to put "Christian" land in the ghetto. Chaim: "The Polish side began to haggle... They excised piece after piece, street after street, of the Jewish area, & the boundaries of the ghetto grew more and more constricted."

Chaim Kaplan writes from Warsaw's new Jewish ghetto, of "such severe birth pangs that they are beyond description." German occupiers forcing 450,000 people into 3 square kilometres. https://t.co/aYEQBPMMO8 RealTimeWWII photo

Laval was elected to the French Socialist party in his youth, before changing his politics to support Fascism. One opponent: "Not a surprise- Laval reads the same to the left or the right."

Pierre Laval, French Premier & second man in Vichy regime, now meeting Hitler "to offer my personal collaboration with the Reich- to help France." https://t.co/SC8vevbB9x RealTimeWWII photo

4 volunteer members of a British bomb disposal "suicide squad" have been jailed for looting bombed houses (in between defusing); magistrate apologised as he sentenced them to nine months' hard labour. https://t.co/uS1GxIRRPQ RealTimeWWII photo

As the "Blitz" on British cities continues, UK government is now negotiating to evacuate women & children to neutral Ireland where they'll be safe from bombing.

In upcoming American elections, a Democratic smear campaign on Republican presidential candidate is reported, attacking his German heritage: "A vote for Willkie is a vote for Hitler."

John Grierson, head of Canadian propaganda, has looped 1.5 seconds of footage of Hitler stepping backwards to make it look like he's dancing childishly with glee.

LIFE magazine prints "Hitler's victory Lindy Hop"- footage of a joyful Führer dancing a jig after the surrender of France in June. It's actually a fake created by a Canadian propagandist. https://t.co/AQV8ScFiE2 RealTimeWWII photo

Churchill now broadcasting on BBC to Nazi-occupied France: "Never will I believe that the soul of France is dead! Never will I believe that her place amongst the greatest nations of the world has been lost forever." https://t.co/JWn00KuhU1

Belgian Premier Pierlot has escaped from Nazi-occupied Europe into neutral Portugal- smuggled across Fascist Spain hiding in a false-bottomed truck. https://t.co/8QKIYfNlEh RealTimeWWII photo

Doris: "Our sons watched me to see if I'd cry. To distract them, I turned on the radio- & I heard this song for the first time." https://t.co/c8Mq8Oxk2N

British woman Doris Hart has said goodbye to her husband George, volunteer for the Royal Air Force: "For months he asked me to let him go, til love of country overcame me."

Alan Turing: With Ruthless cancelled "there was very little hope, if any, of deciphering... Enigma for months & months & months - if ever." https://t.co/MdVroX6d91

Bunker 13 – RAF Blakelaw

RAF Blakelaw was a WW2 Royal Air Force Fighter command station based at what is now Kenton Bar in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Map with waves

It’s location was chosen before September 1938 and a temporary surface station was brought into use by July 1939 to coincide with the formation of 13 group which controlled fighters north of the Humber and throughout Scotland.

The permanent underground bunker was completed and became fully operational on December 3rd 1939 at 23:59hrs.

Although the site is now surrounded by new houses the Bunker still exists and is listed grade II

 The Bunker formed part of the revolutionary air defence system devised by Dowding.

This comprised an integrated air defence system which included:

  • Radar (whose potential Dowding was among the first to appreciate).

  • Human observers (including the Royal Observer Corps), who filled crucial gaps in what radar was capable of detecting at the time (the early radar systems, for example, did not provide good information on the altitude of incoming German aircraft),

  • Raid plotting

  • Radio control of aircraft.

    The whole network was tied together, in many cases, by dedicated phone links buried sufficiently deeply to provide protection against bombing. The network had its apex (and Dowding his own headquarters) at RAF Bentley Priory, a converted country house on the outskirts of London.



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